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Annual Membership Renewal
New Member Application

Membership Chair
Mary Lee Schroeter

A PYC member is considered to be a “Member in Good Standing" when their dues and Capital Reserve Fee are paid up to date. The member is then eligible to enjoy all the rights and privileges of membership. Members Annual PYC Membership Bill is payable upon receipt. Any member who is delinquent in their dues is not entitled to any rights or privileges of membership or any use of the club until all back dues are paid. Failure to pay dues will require re-application for new membership.

Pay online with PayPal
For the convenience of our members, payments can safely be made to Pettipaug Yacht Club using PayPal. You don’t need to have a PayPal account and can choose to use any of your regular credit cards.

2022 Annual Membership ($140)
plus $5 PayPal Service Fee:
USD $145.00

2022 New Membership ($140)
plus Initiation Fee ($100)
plus $10 PayPal Service Fee:
USD $250.00

Prospective New Members: Use PayPal only after your membership application has been approved.

To make a payment:
• Please identify the payment using the pull down menu, then click on “Pay Now”.
• On the PayPal page, select to pay with PayPal or a credit card, and click “Pay Now”.

Annual Membership

Application for Membership

Click HERE to view and download the PYC Membership Application (PDF).

Candidates for membership must be interested in the purpose of the club, which is to encourage and promote the use, racing and enjoyment of small sailboats. Boat ownership is desirable but not necessary.

There are four classes of membership:
• Senior
• Junior – under 21 years of age
• Life – Past Commodores or exceptional service, and unanimous approval by the Board of Governors
• Service – on active military duty

Membership in Pettipaug is a family membership. Children (under 21) of a member family are automatically members of Pettipaug Yacht Club. Students need not be members of Pettipaug Yacht Club in order to attend Pettipaug Sailing Academy, but Junior membership in PYC may be required if the student wishes to participate in races with other yacht clubs. Children whose families do not belong to Pettipaug Yacht Club and are enrolled in the current year PSA Junior Sailing program may join as Junior Members.


Any amount is sincerely appreciated.

Tax-deductible charitable contributions can be made to the Pettipaug Sailing Academy being a tax exempt charity as described in section 501(c)(3). Pettipaug Yacht Club is not such an organization.